About Us

ihomebutler was founded by a diverse group of professionals that had one thing in common, they are all home owners. Our founders have numerous unique experiences in building, purchasing, selling, financing and remodeling residential properties in their collective lifetimes. It was these experiences with their own properties that gave rise to the ihomebutler opportunity.

The vision and mission of the ihomebutler platform is to provide a robust, easy to use home management system that interactively assists the property owner in managing all their homes maintenance. From something as simple as alerting you to change your smoke alarm battery before it wakes you up in the middle of the night, to having a wood burning fire place inspected and cleaned on time.

When a homeowner engages the ihomebutler application automated reminders are sent out quarterly to assist with all of your maintenance needs. These reminders will assist home owners in properly maintaining their homes and subsequently recording these maintenance events, providing peace of mind while improving property values.

Having extensive consumer facing, internet application experience, the company recognizes that it will require distribution partnerships to stimulate initial homeowner adoption. These partnerships will enable partners to provide a highly differentiated value add to their respective constituencies, all centered on homeownership.

Founded in San Diego where the residential real estate market is experiencing the "green shoots" of recovery, ihomebutler is committed to helping property owners have a more valuable and safer homeownership experience.